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vicky anderson

Vicky’s crafting background was forged by her parents’ own creative and resourceful upbringing. She has worked with clay, fabric and paper since childhood, and her work has been featured through establishments such as Rockingham Craftsmen, NH League, and seasonal fairs.

In her workshops and one-on-one sessions, projects are introduced and approached based on the goals of each individual. While Vicky offers information and assistance regarding design, materials, and techniques, students are also encouraged to explore and reflect upon their own creative process. This method originally evolved during her workshop studies in Child Development and Creative Arts in Learning at Lesley University.

Ms. Anderson was Assistant Director at the Three Maples Arts & Nature Camp for 6 years and has offered Awakening Clay workshops at various organizations and events. She continues to be involved in public education as a substitute teacher in the Seacoast NH area.


Vicky is drawn to crafts to work, for the unknown, for solace, for inspiration.  She loses herself becoming open to possibilities of her current mediums – individuation of color, shapes, balance, contrasts for a particular person or situation.  Herein the outside world is closed off with its trauma and misgivings while she is captured to explore special qualities of whomever/ whatever she creates for.      Transformation awaits ~


"If certain emotional and imaginative developments do not take place now, they will be very difficult to achieve later without the help of illness."  (MC Richards, Toward Wholeness, p102)


vicky is an artist versed in many art forms, including works with paper (drawing-with-scissors, papermaking-plus, book-making), clay (including local clay), fiber arts (patchwork, clothing design, quilting). Custom design is always possible. Her teaching experience ranges from adult ed to elementary education level ( some younger/some older), and business creatives.  For paper crafts, materials available to hand can offer more than may be expected. One workshop she's developed in clay is 'Awakening an Earth Resource,' a unique exploration.  Using primitive techniques: grasp the dimension of bringing forth your own clay from local, yet ancient, clay-dirt.  Learning or sewing-machine-adepts may wish to explore her ideas for fleece/flannel/patchwork creations. Her formal studies followed these lines: creative arts in learning and child development. These practices encourage non-threatening decision-making and visualization of  an intended outcome ~ skills that prepare the brain toward real circumstances, nudging healthy outlooks, preparing one towards maturity - however elusive. Vicky has developed her personal business over the years: a program involving creative energies for living with creative arts in learning. This encourages the innerjazz in each of us.

credits:  overall supervision: Morganna Becker, nefa.  intro: Sarah Jesurrun.  profile image: K.Morneau. last photo (clay intro): Marghi Bean.

I Have Worked With

  • February 2009 to February 2016

    I've been a selected candidate for trademark and copyright projects via the UNH Law IP Clinic. In 2016, they took me on for editing/illustrating a children's book, which finalized with my receiving a copyright 2018 as co-author instead - a step up.  Then another surprise to me, they asked to pursue copyright for my workshop 'CLAY: Awakening an Earth Resource' - so received in February 2018 !   A nature game was also submitted:  publishing was requested before resubmission - UNHLaw noted that they felt the game deserved a copyright at that time.  Budgeting's a bit short to finalize - but is still actively explored. I've presented it in a few places and shared it with family.  My original tie with this clinic began in 2009, when IP law student-interns had researched - for classwork - my business name and wearable art. This included polarfleece designs that intrigued them, for available copyright, and perhaps a trademark - I withdrew as trademark funds went beyond my reach.   But it's been an exciting venture.

  • January 2015

    I've attended and participated in the following, learning more down these lines to widen the scope of my work:Virtual Brain Injury & Stroke Conference, BIANH - 2021.SAU # 21, Elementary School Substitute Teacher part-time for the past 15 years, intending to continue ~ 9/21.Supporting Families Through Grief/Loss conference: Wentworth-Douglas Hospital, Dover, NH - 2019.Main Street Art, Scheduled to teach a Holiday Class in Papercutting: Newfields, NH - 2019.Suicide Prevention Workshop, given at the Exeter, NH Y - 2019.Racial Unity Team, incl Culture Keepers/Culture Makers wkshp: Exeter, NH - 2019 on.Haystack Mtn Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine: Scholarship Wait Listed for summer - 2019.NHPottersGuild - submissions in GerryWilliams Exhibit, Concord, NH / Discovery Museum Exhibit, Portsmouth,NH - 2019.Chase Mission Main Street Grant (extensive application submitted plus helped others) - 2015. 

  • July 2006 to April 2012

    I was scheduled to instruct self-created craft workshops, during the April school vacation, in clay (local), paper-making, and patchwork - as given elsewhere as well..  These workshops give a hands-on experience of access/experience to using these materials and their origins during Revolutionary times.  During one summer's Exeter Independence Days, I spent a hot July day with back-to-back children doing simple paper-making out of a dishpan - the heat likely accentuated the appeal of a water-based project, and every one of the homemade papers - some with a flower added - was picked up to go home.


  • Artist

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Exeter, NH 03833
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Visual/Crafts - Mixed Media
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Visual/Crafts - General
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Artist (Individual)
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Art Sales
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Vocals - Seacoast NH: JourneySong, with Hospice Certification, interfaith-gospel: Rock My Soul, Higher Ground, Funky Divas of Gospel (early group) . I also Americanized the Suzuki method for piano, then for violin for my own young children, their choice
Tire playground structures: Exeter Elementary, Exeter Day School, N.Hampton Montessori: I directed or assisted at these locales.
Craftsperson-seamstress/taught/sold: varied fleece &small quilted items, plus - via Exeter Fine Arts (2013), NH CraftWorkers' Guild (2011), Rockingham Craftsmen ('96-'06; membership chair '99-'05), The Wild Iris ('99--01), League of NH Craftsmen ('94-'95)
BA - Child Dev/Creative Arts in Learning + accepted to MA: Lesley University
Social Services, Art - Goddard College, entrance to Sr.Division
Craft Workshops taught by: Cutter Ceramics, Kit Cornell, Gerry Williams, M.C.Richards, Paulus Berensohn (Pendle Hill)
Independent Studies in Arts/Crafts, Infant & Geriatric Care, Hospice, Energywork
Waiting List for scholarship, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

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I can and have worked with those with above-mentioned issues, and am happy to. Programs at my home are limited, but I can travel to other's homes and available sites to present adaptable programs.

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Afterschool Program
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Healthcare Facility
Private Studio
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Arts Integration - Communications
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Elementary School-age
Middle School-age
High School-age
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BA: Child Development/Creative Arts in Learning
NH Paraeducator II
First Aide/CPR
Reiki / Shamballa Teacher (energywork)
Accepted to MA program "Young Children With Special Needs" - incomplete.
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