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Ty Meier, Sunny Days Illustration

 Ty Meier is the sole proprietor of Sunny Days Illustration; He's a veteran, a super-experienced graphic designer and a proud father.

Since childhood, Ty has had an obsessive twitch to draw and create art, and his daily practice has made him a fast and efficient illustrator. He learned Photoshop and Illustrator at Platt multimedia college in San Francisco in the mid nineties and has been using them daily ever since.

The name came about because in San Francisco Ty would try to print t-shirts on the back patio using a tiny press; the problem was that is he couldn't print on rainy days.  Therefor, "Sunny Days Screenprinting." But as time went by he got more and more into the illustration side of the business, so ‘Screenprinting’ was swapped out for ‘Illustration’.

If you'd like to get to know Ty better here's his facebook page:  but be prepared to read a lot about his garden, his chicken coop, his dog Jazzy and most of all his beautiful little girl, Autumn Rain.  He livestreams his drawing projects and is deeply involved in the Concord, New Hampshire networking scene.

Ty's interests in artwork are climbing Maslov's heirarchy of needs and connecting with art lovers who are also on that journey towards self-actualization.  His overall goals are peace, prosperity and happiness.  If you want have an art guy talk your ear off ask him about creative process, zen, flow, or finding peace through zentangle-like artwork.

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Illustrator, Screenprinter
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4 Bicentennial Square, ste 2 #2
Concord, NH 03301
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4 Bicentennial Square, ste 2 #2
Concord, NH 03301
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