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Troy Lafoe

For my love of comics and cartoons and being that kid in class no one wants to hang around with because I was annoying (not my falt, I have ADHD) I picked up drawing and been improving myself ever since.

For the longest time now i been doing my own comics and been posting on my YouTube channel of my newiest comic "don't be afraid". I do it for fun and somthing to do, but if offered a job in animation or even to publish my work, I just might depending on the situation.

At this point in time of making this account, I am a student at Job Corps working in Office Administration, and for my free time watching TV mostly working on my personal projects while doing so.

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Comic book writer/artist
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100A MacDonough Drive
Vergennes, VT 05491
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100A MacDonough Drive
Vergennes, VT 05491
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Visual/Crafts - Cartooning / Graphic Novel
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Artist (Individual)