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Strange Attractor Theatre Co. is Aram Aghazarian (Philadelphia, PA), Roblin Gray Davis (Juneau, AK), Jed Hancock-Brainerd (Providence, RI) and Rebecca Noon (Providence, RI). Together we create inviting and unexpected performance in our three home states: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Alaska. We challenge the popular conception of live theatre while engaging new audiences with original, high-caliber, physically devised work by drawing from our shared training at the London International School of Performing Arts, and reinventing the classic styles of clown, melodrama, commedia, absurd and grotesque, while staring unflinchingly at the darkest spots of humanity to uncover the sublime, the foolish, and the ridiculous. Our physically-based performance style, the diverse universes we explore, and the hilarious characters we discover, unnerve while entertaining and confound while delighting.

Since forming in 2010 Strange Attractor has created six full-length shows: 2010’s F.orward O.perating B.ase, a quick-change comedy about war and torture created and performed in Juneau for the Perseverance Second Stage; 2010’s Special Happy, an absurdist birthday party thrown for the entire audience created and performed in Providence, RI for Perishable Theatre and the Wilbury Group; 2011’s If You Shoot A Boot You Might Get Wet, which follows the lives of two insufferable eccentrics living in a house of suitcases and was created and performed in Providence as a co-production with Spanish company Rompecabezas; A Terrific Fire, an environmental immersive performance, part haunted house, part adventure novel, based on Ibsen’s Brand, developed with Juneau’s Perseverance Theatre, Providence’s 95 Empire and Perishable Theatre; 2013's Enlightenment on E Floor North, an investigation into invisible American workers through the lens of the museum security guard, developed in Rhode Island, Maine, Philadelphia, and Southeast Alaska; and 2015's Idle, a site-specific Christmas pageant performed in July in a private home in Newport, RI.

Our current show-in-development is Sans Everything, which is a collaboration between Strange Attractor and Philadelphia theatre company Lightning Rod Special, follows a spaceship of botanists compelled to perform As You Like It for reasons they cannot fathom. Set so far in the future that Shakespeare has been forgotten, Sans Everything imagines a world without stories and the dangerous results of bringing them back.

Our design work has also been commissioned by Providence's RISD Museum and AS220.

Additional Links: 
Excerpts from two pieces, A Terrific Fire and Enlightenment on E Floor North
Trailer for 2015's "Idle" 2015
Strange Attractor takes on the fraught discussion of employment by examining the museum security guard in Enlightenment on E Floor North.
Part haunted house and part adventure novel, A Terrific Fire follows Dr. Wishniak, a Victorian mind scientist fraught with anachronisms, on his quest for wild living. Based on Ibsen's "Brand."
The apocalypse has come and gone and all that’s left is a house made of suitcases amid a sea of junk and two eccentrics trying to make the best of it.
Like a mad-hatter tea-party in reverse, Special Happy throws the audience an absurd birthday party complete with pizza, presents, and cake.

I Have Worked With

  • October 2015

    We were in residence at Haverford College in Pennsylvania for the fall 2015 while we rehearsed Sans Everything in conjuntion with Lightning Rod Special.

  • July 2015

    We performed and rehearsed at the Newport House during the summer of 2015 while we created and performed "Idle."

  • January 2015

    Trinity Rep has supported us with rehearsal space for numerous productions, most recently Sans Everything.


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MFA, Lecoq Based Actor Created Physical Theatre, Naropa University/LISPA
Several RISCA Individual Artist Grants (RI)
Creative Capital 2013 Finalist
Rasmuson Foundation Award (AK)
Several Alaska State Council on the Arts Individual Grants
Alaska Harper Touring Grant
Network of Ensemble Theaters Exchange Grant
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Rhode Island
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MFA, London International School of Performing Arts/Naropa University
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