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Stephen Spignesi

Stephen Spignesi is an extensively published writer with 70+ books to his credit. He is considered an authority on many topics, including the work of Stephen King, the history of the Titanic, the music and history of the Beatles, and the American Presidents and Founding Fathers. Stephen Spignesi is also a Practitioner in Residence at the University of New Haven where he teaches Composition & Literature.

He offers the following illustrated lecture programs:

  • Stephen King & the Art of Darkness (based on his five books about King)
  • The American Presidents (based on his book Grover Cleveland's Rubber Jaw)
  • A Century of Titanic (based on his books The Complete Titanic and The Titanic for Dummies)
  • The 100 Best Beatles Songs (based on his book The 100 Best Beatles Songs)
  • The Top 10 Most Influential Italians (based on his book The Italian 100)
  • The Life & Times of Robin Williams (based on his book The Robin Williams Scrapbook)
  • The UFO Experience (based on his book The UFO Book of Lists)
  • The Founding Fathers (based on his book 499 Facts About Hip-Hop Hamilton and the Rest of America's Founding Fathers)
  • The 100 Words Every Student Should Know (A fast-paced, educational lecture that's funny and useful for all high school and college students)
  • George Washington's 30 Ways To Be Polite in An Impolite World (based on his book George Washington's Leadership Lessons)
  • In the Crosshairs: 10 Unforgettable Assassinations in American History (based on his book In the Crosshairs: Assassinations & Assassination Atttempts from Julius Caesar to John Lennon)

All attendees of Professor Spignesi's lecture programs receive a free, tri-fold, limited edition signed brochure, and the program includes an extensive slideshow and Q&A session.

Prof. Spignesi offers flexible fees based on the library or organization's budget and resources.

Stephen Spignesi's website is

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