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Sean Slaughter

I'm a musician first and foremost, but my career path focuses on audio engineering for music and film. I engineer, record and produce music, and I am a sound recorder and sound mixer for film. I also am adept at photography, filming and editing video. I am adept at graphic design and screen printing. I am a script writer. I market everything I make myself through different forms of media. I am working towards a degree in communication and new media at the age of 45. My plan is to open a multi media/artist collective somewhere near or in Portland ME, where I reside. The collective will have a physical space that will be multi purpose. It could be used as a recording and moving studio, it could be a soundstage, there will be a green screen. The room will be modular so it could be arranged for different activities. It could be wide open for live performances by bands or plays or art showings. This is my goal and I am working on the plans to make it happen.

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Cape Elizabeth, ME
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Cape Elizabeth, ME
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Media - Audio / Sound
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