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Sara Ting

I am a TEDx speaker, visionary, diversity and inclusion trainer, keynote speaker and author.  I have dedicated my life to advancing equality for all people starting in 1985. My approach follows Einstein who once said, "You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.  You must stand on a higher ground."  And Dr. King who recognized we can pass all the laws we want, we cannot legislate the heart. 

The Sun poem can transform the mind and heart - Are you greater than the sun/that shines on everyone: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White/ the sun does not discriminate (c) 1985 Sara Ting. It was written in a personal journal in 1978, never meant to be public.  It inspired leaders to make the poem public starting with a city wide multimedia public service campaign in Boston in 1985.  The poem was promoted on billboards, mass tranist, produceed into a public service announement and aired on the three major TV stations. With the success of this campaign I was compelled to duplicate it in New York City. CBS and NBC Network TV aired the PSA so it was seen across the country. 

This poem was the catalyst that led me into my life's work and purpose. It led to the founding of World Unity Inc., vision to build a landmark showcasing the poem, Singing Equality across America and around the World and two books, Small Book with a Big Idea, 5 Minute Training to Empower you and Transform the World, and Small Book with a Big Idea the Power of Listening in a World of Differences.

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Visionary, Diversity & Inclusion Trainer, speaker and author
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2 eliot place
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
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Literary Arts - Poetry
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General Public
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Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism
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TEDx speaker Oct. 23rd, 2021, presented the Sun poem
Worked with music teacher in Malden Mass to have song performed at Memorial Day event
Worked with music teacher in Manchester New Hampshire to have entire school district produce a video of students performing the song
Worked with Director of Music and the Arts in New Haven Ct., 800 students performed song inspired by the Sun poem at district wide event.
Received grants from the Mass Cultural Council in the 80's to provide workshop with schools in Boston, MA, Somerville MA and Arlington, MA
Worked with New Democracy Coalition to present the Sun poem at Dr. King Reading
Worked with music teachers in New York City to present song inspired by the Sun poem at the United Nations
BU School of Fine Arts
Recognitions from city and state government