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Lin Collette

I am a collage and mixed media artist and I want to share my world with more people.  Art for me is a process of healing, of putting broken pieces together.  It is my best therapy.  A major part of my life and my artistic process is my never-ending battle with severe mental illness.  I deal with several, particularly depression, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder,  Art helps me to express myself and to put forward my point of view, a quirky, sometimes warped viewpoint, but one worth sharing.

My work in collage reflects the practice of putting things together.  With glue, paper, photos, and other items I take what previously has been separate and assemble it into a cohesive whole.  A key part of my work is humor.  I love it when people smile or chuckle at what is going on in the work, or get the sometimes obscure references made to literature, music, and history.  I also think of collage work as solving puzzles.  The materials are the pieces of the puzzle. It's a modern take on vintage materials and is designed, most of the time, to elicit laughter and recognition. But it's also a commentary on pop culture and how ridiculous it can get, such as the Housewives, Kardashians, and so on

I create my work in Central Falls, Rhode Island.  I've been lucky enough to be part of an active arts community in Rhode Island, and have often participated in art festivals and exhibitions, and even had a solo show at a Rhode Island government building in May 2012.  I am a regular exhibitor in the annual VSA Arts Rhode Island Paul Sherlock Art Exhibition, have exhibited many times with the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, and also with the New Hope Gallery of Cranston, Rhode Island. I've also exhibited internationally, and in June 2017 was included in the G.L.U.E. Exhibiton of Collage Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've also given back to the community by running a crafts program for the elderly/disabled residents of Forand Manor in Central Falls, as well serving on the Zoning Board in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

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Peace and hope to you!

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I Have Worked With

  • October 2015

    I  ran a crafts program for elderly and disabled residents at Forand Manor in Central Falls from October 2015 through December 2016.

  • August 2013

    I served as a member of its Publicity Committee and as one of its Gallery Volunteers from 8/13 until 3/16

  • January 2013

    I served as a member of the Arts and Culture subcommittee of the Mayor's Advisory Committee formed to develop an action plan for the newly elected Mayor of Central Falls.  My role was to provide advice, information, and resources in order to create a final report


  • Artist

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30 Washington Street #607
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30 Washington Street #607
Central Falls, RI 02863
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Visual/Crafts - Mixed Media
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