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If children a part of your life, you need this information!This information is intended to teach anyone and everyone who works with children how to read and understand the nonverbal communication in a painting. To teach adults to ask different types of questions while guiding them to respond with love and guidance instead of punishments, or disapproval. It is my mission to make every child feel heard and understood so they can know and love them self and to change the cycle of patterns from fear to love.My heart cannot handle one more child suicide or school shooting. It cannot handle the anguish of a parent desperately seeking and yet not finding help for their child and it can no longer look into the sad eyes of an exhausted teacher who knows they are losing a child to, testing, standards and bureaucracy, without knowing that I have done everything within my power to change this status quo. My compassion and empathy for these hurting children and parents gave me a heighten ability to hear their unspoken words of, fear, embarrassment, and loneliness. All of it begins by looking at a painting, a simple, none threatening, free flowing watercolor painting. When I realized that there were clues to personality traits and communication styles and hidden fears in these paintings, I realized I was now communicating on a whole new level, not just with the person but with their soul.
There are many colors and color combinations, knowing what you are looking at and being able to recognized patterns and shifts in patterns, could mean the different between a child growing up healthy or growing up with destructive patterns of self harm, addictions, depression and even homicide tendencies.
Let me teach you the Intuitive Art Education Method, using inexpensive art supplies and a little bit of time you will Identify and change negative and destructive thought patterns in both children and adults. When brought into the classroom or therapy session, this method becomes a tool for the following. Early Detection for self harm and violent acting out tendencies; Understanding and communicating effectively to a particular personality type.Correcting behavioral issues; Understanding and communicating with non-verbal communicators;Building confidence, true self worth and compassion; Assessing and building resiliency; Decreasing absenteeism; Improving academic achievements.
Additionally, my technique offers a new method by which children with different learning styles can build confidence in their unique abilities while offering teachers and parents a new perspective on intelligence and communication. Being human is hard, so this process helps you understand, accept and celebrate the life you have.

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Creative Business
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Visual/Crafts - Experimental
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Access accommodations for people who use a wheelchair and have limited mobility
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I travel to your location and serve all people.This method even works with people who are color blind or blind..Fascinating!

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Arts Integration - Health
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Certified Specialist II Educator, Northern Lights Adult Continuing Education Development