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Mystic Knotwork

 Nautical kots and weaves.  Matt & Jill Beaudoin are continuing a family tradition of knot tying started by his grandfather Alton back in the 1930s.  In 1957, Alton founded Beaudoin's Rope Locker and enlisted his 7 year old grandson to help in 1978. By 1996, Matt had taken over most of the responsibility and with his grandfather's passing, Matt took the business and started to build it.

Matt and Jill show their families works in museums around Southern New England as well as share the process of knot tying and nautical weaving.  They have a growing artisan business in Stonington Connecticut where they have served clients all over the world looking for quality work done with a lasting traditional technique.

I wish I knew more what to say, but that we have partnered with Martha Stewart to bring back American Made makers, work with Andrew Zimmern, and support various museums around the country that crave a classic New England Nautical theme.

We are willing to speak about the nautical history or macrame and marlinespike seamanship. We can discuss the effect of the termperance movement, technology, and boat design on the knot tying traditions.  We can also discuss my grandfather's history as he was able to bridge 40 years keeping a heritage art alive and inspiring two generations to rebuild a tradition almost lost in the mid 20th century..

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Stonington High School
2014 Heritage Artisan Martha Stewart
2015 SCORE Small Business Champion for Connecticut

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