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Mural Envy, LLC

Mural Envy's mission is to transform overlooked spaces into areas of interest, inspiration and beauty.

Artist Toni Miraldi is motivated by the belief that since we are subtly influenced by our environs, we should surround ourselves and our communities with beauty and positive messages, to help combat feelings of suspicion, fear, and despair. By painting murals on forgotten walls, Miraldi hopes to remind viewers of the beauty around us that we are often too distracted to notice.

Most of Miraldi's artistic inspiration comes from the natural world. She is fascinated by opposing forces found in nature: fragile and strong, beautiful and gruesome, independent from human influence and also sculpted by it. Timeless yet disappearing rapidly. Stylistically, her background in graphic design and interior design are the filters through which she approaches her subjects. The skills honed in her professional life--attention to detail, efficiency, and economy--now influence her art. When she begins planning a new work, she starts with something familiar and put it through a series of refinements, reducing it to a stylization of the original, a different but recognizable form, which allows viewers to approach the familiar in a fresh way.


I Have Worked With

  • September 2018

    Paint Memphis is a one-day paint festival which has been the largest collaborative mural in Tennessee. This a place where artists can show off their talents and connect in community of local and regional painters as well as over volunteers, food and drink trucks, and live music to make this event fun for art lovers of all ages.

    I was invited to participate in the 2018 Paint Memphis festival. I painted a 2-story, 16'-wide mural in two days, and it was an amazing--though exhausting--experience!

  • May 2018 to August 2018

    In the summer of 2018, the City of Danbury created a Traffic Box Public Art project. Utility boxes house the equipment that controls the traffic signals in cities all over the world. They are usually painted a nondescript gray or black, and frequently fall victim to vandalism. But forward-thinking cities like Danbury, CT, have commissioned local artists to transform the blighted boxes into vibrant public art.

    I designed three boxes for the city, which were printed on vinyl wraps and installed by a local print shop. As a muralist, I am a big supporter of public art, and of getting art out of traditional spaces and into the community, so being invited to participate in Danbury’s Traffic Box Art Project was an exciting opportunity.

    For the traffic box designs, I sought to highlight that identity, both as a colorful mosaic map, and as a stylized representation of historic Main Street. Seven artists designed nearly a dozen boxes around the city. It is so much fun to discover them as you walk and drive along the streets of Danbury!

  • May 2018 to June 2018

    Like many Historic Downtowns across the United States, Downtown Danbury is experiencing a revitalization as young professionals seek exciting, vibrant communities. CityCenter Danbury is an organization dedicated to promoting the vitality of Downtown Danbury, and in May 2018, they commissioned me to transform three boarded-up windows with a public street art mural.

    The boarded-up windows house the kitchen of La Mitad del Mundo, an Ecuadorian restaurant situated on Danbury’s Historic Main Street. To honor the location of the mural, CityCenter Danbury requested that the imagery reflect the city’s diverse cultural heritage, specifically that of Ecuador and Brazil.

    For the mural design, I researched traditional Ecuadorian patterns and color palettes used in textiles and ceramics. My work almost always includes themes from nature, so we also looked at images of birds and plants native to Ecuador and Brazil. I chose birds because they are often associated with freedom and movement from one place to another, two themes that Danbury residents from all backgrounds can identify with. The bird that we chose for its visual interest is a Hoatzin, found both in Brazil and in Ecuador, though I took some artistic license with its plumage.

    The finished mural, entitled, Migration, is now a key feature in the renewal of Danbury’s Post Office Walk, a pedestrian passageway linking Main Street with Danbury City Center Green and the Danbury Ice Arena. It brightens the corridor with vivid, welcoming colors, and is a popular subject of Instagram posts and selfies. I am honored to be part of Downtown Danbury’s cultural revival!


  • Creative Business

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