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Mindful Making & Design

MMaD values care of people & the earth. We strive to improve both while creating environments conducive to improved happiness, creativity & productivity. We specialize in workplaces, learning environments, children’s rooms & restorative living areas.

Spaces and places impact the way we feel, the way we interact with others, and the relationships we form. We have become a society that spends 90% of our time in built environments that generally disconnect us from nature. In the last twenty years, there has been a focus on reducing environmental damage, such as reducing use of energy and water resources, as well as waste and pollution in buildings. Some design considerations have extended to human physical health, like air quality, reducing VOC’s in the air and such.

But another aspect of space design considers how a person feels in a space, and there has been an increasing amount of research on this topic. Biophilia is the human need for a connection to nature and there’s a fairly new design term Biophilic Design, bringing nature and natural elements indoors. In these buildings, our sense of well-being improves. With this improvement comes increased happiness and creativity, boosted learning in schools, expediated healing in hospitals, and thriving organizations with boosted productivity, sales and attendance. 

Our primary markets are small to medium-sized businesses who value their company culture, health of their employees, as well as their public image to clients; schools that want to maximize learning potential for their students; and residential clients who are looking for a restorative home and for creative kids rooms.

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