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I'm working on a long term personal project called Boston Cornerstones. Cornerstones are found, photographed, and mapped by neighborhood and year. I create time collages (one perspective with multiple images blended into one later) with contextual essays of select cornerstones. The goal is to begin telling a wide ranging comprehensive story of Boston with the time collages serving artistic documents. Check progress at and submit your own cornerstones as well.

When shooting commercially, still images or video, I respectfully and creatively approach a client's narrative needs in order to capture not only the "sure thing" necessities but also unscripted and unpredictable moments.

Photography Specialties: Annual Reports; Corporate; Education; Editorial; Events; Politics; Teaching; Natural and professionally lit environmental portraits; Light-hearted, quirky, and touching photography; Efficient and professionally lit group shots in tight spaces; Giving back to others and my community through photography.

Video Specialties: Interview / B Roll pieces.

My Approach: Thinking on my feet and moving fast but not letting anyone see me sweat; Skilled fly on the wall or take control leader depending on situation; Forging relaxed and comfortable relationship with subjects; Clear communication letting nothing slip through the cracks; Listening to clients; Coming prepared; using the right gear but as little of it as possible.

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Ongoing project exploring Boston's geography and chronology through its cornerstones.

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owner, Ritterbin Photography
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Studio 209
46 Waltham St.
Boston, MA 02118
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Studio 209 46 Waltham St.
Boston, MA 02118
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Creative Business
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Visual/Crafts - Photography
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Media - Digital
Media - Video
Visual/Crafts - Photography
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Artist (Individual)
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Arts Instruction / Lessons
Public Relations Services
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Multi-State Region

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American Society of Media Photographers
Art History / Visual Arts, Spanish - Bowdoin College '02
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