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Meera Seshadri

I have 10+ years of classical training in Bharathanatyam and earned my minor in lyrical dance and performance art from The George Washington University. My international career as a professional choreographer, dancer, and instructor has taken me from the Bay Area's Mona Khan Company to Chennai-based record label Earthsync, La Academia Nicaraguense de la Danza in Managua, Nicaragua, Berklee College of Music's Indian Ensemble, and for the last 3 1/2 years, Boston Bollywood!

My semi-classical and lyrical choreography is emotional, gripping, and fluid, often inspired by the unconventional and unexplored stories, experiences, and situations in our lives. My goal with choreography and dance is to make people feel, and to tell a story ... and perhaps, inspire them to change the way they have imagined themselves, their relationships, and their world. 

- 15+ years of Bharathanatyam training, Abhinaya Dance Academy, San Jose, CA 

- 15 years of professional and competitive dance experience in the United States and India

- 5 years of professional choreography and dance experience with Mona Khan Company. Choreographed 25+ original works (semi-classical, classical, and lyrical) for semi-annual productions, out-of-state performances, and nonprofit benefit shows. 

- 2008-2009: Lead dancer for the Earthsync album ‘Kartick & Gotam’, a fusion of classical South Indian Carnatic musical instruments and vocals with Israeli electronica. Toured and performed with the Business Class Refugees in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and New York City. 

- Minor in Lyrical & Performance Art, Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, The George Washington University

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Semi-classical choreography to 'Dilbar' for Boston Bollywood's Summer 2019 Marathon
Mujrah/Semi-Classical Workshop for Boston Bollywood's 2019 Summer of Bollywood Dance
Lyrical workshop choreography for Boston Bollywood's 2019 Winter of Bollywood Dance
Bharathanatyam Choreography for Boston Bollywood's Season 5 Summer Showcase
Lyrical Bollywood Choreography for Boston Bollywood's Season 8 Production

I Have Worked With

  • February 2016

    Boston Bollywood was founded on January 26, 2016, and I joined them as a principal choreographer on February 11, 2016 for their first performance season. I have choreographed 19 original works for stage production across eight performance seasons in the last four years, in lyrical contemporary, semi-classical, classical Bharathanatyam, classical Kathak, and Bollywood dance. I have also choreographed 9 unique lyrical contemporary and semi-classical routines for Boston Bollywood's Winter and Summer workshop series. I continue to be one of their principal choreographers and advisors, drafting internal and external communications, contributing choreography for stage productions, workshops, and classes, and guiding the strategic vision of the company with regard to hosting visiting choreographers, collaborating with other artist communities, and arts management. 

  • Artist

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1 Leighton Street Unit 1502
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Minor in Dance and Performance Art, George Washington University, 2006

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