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Manuscritos Publishing, LLC.


Abundance of Latino authors


Principles. Wisdom. Success.


Consciously create interest in Latino literature

Our President discovered that her love for writing and the importance of literature were the elements that moved her to debuting her own publishing company. With that said, her wisdom of understanding that passion moves you to something greater than you and compassion connects you to someone or people who are in need of what you are offering is what makes the difference in a person’s life and in this world. 


This is how our story begins. Our President, Jacqueline Torres, who is a Published Author, considered it necessary to create a publishing company aimed specifically at Latino authors and those seeking to start a new career in writing.

The reason is that as a published author she found herself in a situation where she bought a publishing package for her new book in Spanish and there was no one available in that particular company that could do the elements of editing or marketing the package due to the language barrier.

She started an investigation with other publishing companies to see if she was going to encounter the same dilemma and it turned out that yes, although they offered good editorial plans they did not have employees who could assist Spanish speaking clients.

Let Me remind you that she is already a published author with books written in English and because of her Latino background she chose to write this particular book in Spanish to provide her services and to serve her Latino community.

Although she still moved forward with the purchase of the publication package, she had unanticipated additional expenses where she needed to hire Spanish-speaking editors and writers to publish her book in Spanish.

Therefore, Manuscritos Publishing was born.

Welcome aboard!


Así es como comienza nuestra historia. Nuestro Presidente Jacqueline Torres, que es una Autora Publicada, consideró necesario crear una empresa editorial dirigida específicamente a los autores latinos establecidos y los de nuevos comienzos.

La razón es que como autor publicado se encontró en una situación en la que compró un paquete de publicación para su nuevo libro en español y no había nadie disponible en esa empresa en particular que podría hacer los elementos de edición o comercialización del paquete debido a la barrera del idioma.

Ella comenzó una investigación con otras compañías editoriales para ver si se encontraba con el mismo dilema y resulto que sí, aunque ofrecían buenos planes de publicación editorial no tenían personas empleadas que pudieran asistir a clientes de habla hispana.

Permítanme recordarles que ella es ya un autor publicado con libros escritos en inglés y debido a su trasfondo Latino eligió prestar sus servicios para atender a su comunidad Latina.

Aunque todavía se adelantó con la compra del paquete de publicación, tuvo gastos adicionales no previstos donde necesitó contratar editores y redactores de habla hispana para poder publicar su libro en español. Así nació Manuscritos Publishing.

¡Bienvenido a bordo!

Our Services 

Our years of experience as a successful editor are available to you. We Believe that there is more to the production of your book than just putting the ink on paper.

We offer a range of services including typographic composition, design, printing, bookbinding, promotional materials, ISBN, as well as technical assistance and online sales consultancy.

Our business relationship begins with a consultation to help you determine the viability, marketing strategy and initial printing of your book.

Our Company is unique in the book publishing industry where we are bilingual Latinos with a bilingual team and take the time to show you step by step everything you need to produce, promote and sell your book.

Spanish Interpreters and Translators

As you know, when we are writing sometimes we come across certain words that have different meaning in English and in Spanish. It is very important to know which word is the correct one to use in its contextual setting.

Seize Your Moment

Join us today.

If you are interested in writing a book, this is your chance. If you have written a work plan, draft, curriculum, text messages or in social media, then writing a book is for you.

Within You there is the ability to write your first book on a topic that is important to you. Writing is important, stories matter and change the world for the better.

Your experiences of life and global vision give you a voice that is yours only. When you share that voice with the world, you will be amazed at the power of your written word and who it will reach.

Stories give us hope. When you can write from your own experiences, it’s like therapy. A book is an exercise in discipline and time management that will test your resistance. Do Not keep the secret, but share it with others. People throughout the world will let you know the different ways your words have touched them.

Memories are really the only thing left of us. However, your book will be a legacy, living forever, especially in this digital era. It is not known where it will end and who it will continue to inspire through the centuries.

You want to choose us because we are focused, determined, visionary and results-oriented.

Best in the Industry

Jacqueline knows she wouldn’t get a fraction of the things she wants if it wasn’t for her amazing team.

Ivan heads up our sales department, and when he’s not increasing sales he’s helping us recruit new customers who need our editorial services.

Evelyn keeps our editors working while we develop stunning new artistic designs.

Jay Tee leads our exceptional technical support team.

Milagros is the person who keeps us motivated and encouraged in our daily tasks.

Juan is always smiling and full of Jubilee, exactly what we need to make our work easier.

Ramonita is the person who keeps us organized and fulfilling the deadlines.

The writing material would not be anywhere if it were not for our highly qualified team of editors.

We Will Lead The Way

Writing is like waking up in the morning; You don’t feel like doing it, but it is necessary to start the day and perform the necessary tasks for that day.

Once a routine is established it is like breathing; it comes naturally. When writing, it is generally about topics that concern you, whether personal, professional or spiritual; it is usually beneficial for the communities you interact with daily. ~ ~ JTorres

Just understand that if you are posing a problem, addressing a particular issue or solving a problem, it is imperative to write and let others become aware of each and every one of the steps that should be taken to make a difference.

Generally, when you write, you will speak based on your experiences. You identify a particular topic that is close to your heart and you begin to research on that topic. Then you begin to write about that topic based on your research and provide your editorial, personal, professional journalism or spiritual journalism, whatever it is that you want to address.

Spark Better Business

Reasons to write a book:
• Motivate others and improve their lives
• Enhances literacy skills
• Tell your story
• Leave a legacy that will survive you
• Improve Public Speaking
• Educate yourself while educating others
• Global recognition
• Promote world-class writing education
• Leadership success
• Personal and business success
• Financial Success



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