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Cultural Nonprofit
Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc.

Mission: To improve the quality of life in the City of Lowell through the creation, conservation, and preservation of parks, open space, and special places.

LP&CT offers a diverse array of programs and projects, all focused on promoting Lowell's natural resources and “creating positive change on the ground." We have developed credibility for tackling and accomplishing challenging projects. Over the past year, LP&CT programming reached over 2,200 people through 36 various educational programs, including 2,163 seat hours of youth programming. Our projects are visibly woven throughout the city, improving the quality of life, the aesthetics of the city, and stabilizing neighborhoods. LP&CT's four programmatic areas provide opportunities for people to connect to the land the city was built upon by: 1) offering educational programs to youth and adults about the city's natural resources, especially its rivers; 2) advocating for the protection of Lowell's special places, and 3) acquiring and protecting conservation lands where nature is left undisturbed.

Our collaborative approach enables us to undertake positive projects and creative events that connect people with their local environment as a means of improving their quality of life. Our programming engages people in the out-of-doors in ways that promote creativity (Riverfest), provide recreation (property walks, Concord River Greenway), and engages their mind (youth programming, wildlife tracking, outdoor classroom programs). An often unspoken benefit to our programs, and the reason for the application, is the public health impact of offering programs that give community members a means of alternative exercise, access to new places for recreation, improved air quality, and stress reduction.

I Have Worked With

  • We have partnered with Brush in offering wildlife programs to enhance ongoing exhibits.  In addition, youth in our after-school and summer programs have submitted art/photographs for Brush's exhibits.


  • NEFA Grantee
  • Cultural Nonprofit

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Executive Director
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PO Box 7162
Lowell, MA 01852
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660 Suffolk St. Suite 120
Lowell, MA 01854
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Cultural Nonprofit
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Humanities - Science
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Design - Urban / Metropolitan
Humanities - History
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General Public
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Community Service Organizations
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Curriculum Development
Preservation / Conservation
Public Art Projects (In Free, Public Spaces)
Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class
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Town / City

Affiliations and Accomplishments

Professional Associations: 
Land Trust Alliance
Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals
MA Land Trust Coalition
Member of Earthshare
1% For The Planet - member
2013 SuAsCo RIver Stewardship Award
2012 National Historic Preservation Award, Daughters of the American Revolution.
2009 Secretary's Awards for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education
2007 Historic Preservation Award, Lowell National Historical Park.
2000 Massachusetts Preservation Award, MA Historical Commission.
I am a NEFA Grant Recipient

Accessibility of Services

Access accommodations for people who use a wheelchair and have limited mobility
Access accommodations for people who are blind, partially sighted, and have low vision