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Kellie Ann Lynch

The body is a thrilling piece of machinery and is capable of achieving great feats.  I push to create physically vigorous dances that propel through space and bulldoze through the invisible wall that divides the audience from the performer. I am intrigued by the audience/performer relationship; the tension, rejection and love between the two.

I dream of leaving an evocative taste in the mouths of an audience. I work towards building textures that appeal negatively or positively to the senses as I believe it creates a multi-dimensional viewing experience.

The essence of my work evolves from the desire to challenge perceptions of relationships, memory, sexuality, identity and movement.  Calling upon my own personal experiences and those experiences of the dancers, I aim to invite the audience to relate to the performers  emotionally as well as let go of what is familiar.

I am intrigued by intimacy; intimacy between the dancers themselves and intimacy between the dancers and audience. I seek to capture the uncensored version of oneself in performance and the relationship between the performers as human beings. I desire to unravel the emotionial and physical information of the bodies to reveal an unfiltered and authentic performer.


Kellie Ann Lynch is a New Haven-based dancer who has been dancing and touring nationally with Adele Myers & Dancers (New England-based) since 2008 and Doug Elkins Choreography, Etc. (NYC-based) since 2010. With both companies, she has had the privilege of touring across the US, and sometimes abroad, making stops at prestigious dances venues such as American Dance Festival, Jacob's Pillow, The Joyce Theater, WhiteBird Dance, Bates Dance Festival and many more. In the last several years, Kellie has had the great opportunity of working with several choreographers and dance companies in the Northeast including Annie Kloppenberg, Tara Burns, Lindsey Bauer, Ariel Cohen, WireMonkey Dance, Jennifer Archibald, Kyle Abraham, Rachel Bernsen, Lindsey Bauer, Melody Ruffin-Ward, Heidi Henderson and Cathy Nicoli among others. 


Kellie has received artist fellowships in choreography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council ('08) and the Connecticut Office of the Arts ('10) to support her choreography; and her work has been commissioned, produced and performed throughout New England. She has also received recognition awards from the Arts Council of Greater New Haven (Arts Award '14), Rhode Island College (Yetta Rauch Melcer '03, Alumni Honor Roll Award '09), Smith College (Teaching Fellowship '05-'07, Gretchen Moran Fellowship '07) and Bates Dance Festival (Merit Scholarship '07). In addition to performing and making work, Kellie also teaches dance and has been on faculty at Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Springfield College, and, currently, Connecticut College. Kellie holds a B.A. in dance performance from Rhode Island College and a M.F.A. in dance performance and choreography from Smith College.  In 2008, Kellie co-founded Elm City Dance Collective and has been choreographing, teaching and developing a vision for the organization since it’s inception. 

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I Have Worked With

  • July 2014

    In July 2014, I was commissioned by Artspace as a choreographer to create two very different dance installations that involved Elm City Dance Collective Dancers. The first commission was for an exhibit, "Vagaries of the Commons", a July-Sep curation by Sarah Fritchey of Artspace, and the installation took place downtown, New Haven, in the 9th Square District. 

    "The dance will explore what it feels like to be a body navigating the streets of New Haven, which it takes to be an individual experience that varies with age, sex, gender, class, race and religion. The performance will also explore how the relationship of the body to the city is influenced by an individual’s mode of travel. 

    While the work’s route takes the shape of a city grid, each street presents different obstacles, speeds, tensions, levels of visibility, risks and unpredictable sets of public interactions that will unwind Lynch’s choreography. For Lynch, the work is an opportunity to bring dance to new audiences and explode the traditional boundaries between seated viewers and performers."

    The second was for City Wide Open Studios' "Alternative Space weekend".  This event took place at the Geoff Street Armory, an abandoned military drill hall in New Haven that is slowly being taken back by the land. The entire building was occupied by a wide variety of artists, and the main drill hall was activated over the course of 2 days by live performances. I created a site-responsive work  to 2 exhibits: 

    1) Shallow Studio's (John Kleinschmidt & Andrew Sternad), Against the Grain, mason’s string and scrap lumber -- decaying lumber taken from the floor of the drill hall that hung from the ceiling, suspended by strings attached from floor to the ceiling, creating a matrix like stage for the dancers to occupy. 

    2) Willie Hoffman of Playable Studio, Assembly Lines, 10 chairs, 5 benches, 1 rolling bin, 1 table, 1 sign.

    Site responsive description:

    "Our performance consists of honoring the history of the drill hall through architecture, practice and play. The inanimate architecture,Willie's Playable Studio pieces, will provide a formal landscape for the dancers to rearrange using specific military drill formations. The dancers, also architecture, will explore elements of formalism through pedestrian movements, uniquely complex choreography and formal spatial arrangements. Each performance will offer a component of play as the dancers will leave the floor open for a moment of improvisation to experience the impulse and spontaneity that Willie Hoffman's "playable" furniture invites."

  • April 2014

    The See Yourself Project,  was an interactive project supported by the Arts Council of Greater New Haven through their "Community Engagement Through Art" grant; it was a way to bring the dance making process to the streets drawing on themes from my latest evening-length work which premiered in May 2014, "Almost Porcelain". The project was to serve 2 purposes:  1) It was a way to engage passersby (in two very different locations) in the dance making process. 2) It was also a way to engage new audiences and promote the premiere of "Almost Porcelain". The project preparation was several months long and involved much press and promotion. I worked dilegently with the Arts Council to spread the word through local news stations, radio, online journals and local papers. It was a successful event, I enjoyed performing on both days as well as directing. I was an experience that certainly illuminated the power of dance.

    The See Youself Project took place over two days and was several hours long each day. One of the days was a Friday night at a bus stop in downtown New Haven during rush hour. The second day was in the center of a popular shopping center in downtown New Haven on a Saturday morning. The performers invited passersby to direct the dancers who were performing as living statues until they received direction from the audience. Once the audience began directing the dancers with the help of a "tour guide" who gave very explicity instructions, the audience had an opportunity to watch their dance unfold before their eyes, resulting in a 3-5 minute movement tableaux.


  • March 2014

    The Rhode Island College Dance Company produced a preview of "Almost Porcelain" in March 2014. I was presented during the dance department's Alumni Dance Concert weekend; I received two fully produced evenings in the Forman Theater in the Nazarian Performing Arts Center, recognition in the RIC Alumni Magazine and taught a master class to the RIC Dance Company.


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Rhode Island College, B.A. Dance Performance
Smith College, M.F.A. Dance
Yetta Rauch Melcer Award 2003
Smith College Teaching Fellowship 2005-2007
Gretchen Moran Fellowship 2007
Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship 2008
Rhode Island College Alumni Honor Roll Award 2009
Connecticut Office of the Arts Artist Fellowship 2010
Arts Council Arts Award 2014

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