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Working with a broad range of materials, innovation and social engagement, I create provocative, tactile works that often include public participation. I combine process, interaction and whimsy to realize community, fill the void between people and nourish the search for connection.

With a BA in biology, I'm drawn to the mechanisms of life forms and the emergent systems of societal
behaviors. As a professional graphic designer, I'm influenced by color, form and composition. As the
daughter of seamstresses, carpenters and knitters, I belong to a communal universe of makers who
innovate and create from the materials at hand.

My practice is methodical and meditative, with units that grow incrementally into large, modular, sight specific installations. I begin with handwork techniques, add design and provide a space for material exploration and personal connection.

By responding to the nature of raw goods, found objects, and my environment, I invent new contexts that question material culture and its impact on society’s values. Sometimes works embody false appearances or tricks of perception to surprise and give cause to reconsider. Sometimes they promote the rewards of collaboration and relationship.

We are detached from the resources that support life. Food, energy and household items are grown or manufactured elsewhere. Social media gives the promise of connection but often provides contrived identities and superficial friendships. Relationships with objects are substitutes for our relationships with people. Each contributes to feelings of isolation, and fosters a lack of accountability and fulfillment.

I make artworks to counter this sentiment and to question our place in a material world. Installations are designed to initiate interactions between individuals, creating compelling structures that prompt moments of humor
and provide opportunities to belong.

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  • July 2014

    Interactive sculpture installed at ARTBEAT Somerville July 19, 2014. The theme of the festival was HATCH. Viewers were encouraged to reach inside the orchidlike creatures to find a seeded question... a candy wrapped with an inquiry that couldn’t be answered with a quick WIKI search but required conversation and interaction to solve.

  • May 2014

    Installed HIVE: A Social Network in the Inside/Out Gallery in Davis Square, Somerville MA.

    HIVE is a social network that highlights the chemistry among people who work together. Diverse groups
    convene to stitch screen chambers with steel wire. Completed units are arranged into an organically
    growing matrix as a material record of the connections made within the community. The installation is accompanied by a video illustrating the process and community involved from 2012 to the present.

  • September 2012

    Public Art Installation STASH in the trees of Union Square Plaza in Somerville, MA. Several large bundlles were hidden in the full foliage of September and then exposed in October when the leaves drop. Objects relinquished from people who identify with the compulsive acquisition of “stuff”. The bundles questioned our need for collecting material things, why it is sometimes kept secret, and what our motivations are. The installation created an opportunity to look at ourselves through our things, as well as present an unexpected encounter, for anyone walking by to see for themselves.

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