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Janice Perry

Janice Perry has received multiple fellowships for live performance, visual art, and teaching from the Fulbright Commission/US Department of State, the Vermont Arts Council and the NEA, The Vermont Community Foundation, and other organizations.  Perry’s multi-media installation, “Being Derrida,” was a semi-finalist in the USA National Portrait Gallery/ Smithsonian Institution’s Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. Throughout her 30+ year career, Perry’s work has been presented on stage, adapted for radio, television (NPR, PBS, BBC 2, Channel 4, BBC 3), published, screened at film festivals, and exhibited at academic and cultural institutions in the USA and Europe.

Perry has led international collaborations in multi-media, site responsive, video and live art performance, and more traditional stage work in groups of emerging and established artists in the USA, Europe, South Korea, and South Africa.

Naked at the Met: Performance artist Janice Perry tackles issues of gender, power, and inequity with her epic tale of a fall from grace via gender, an aging body, and a 30-foot cliff. Free-ranging from Pope to Pop, Perry perverts the course of social injustice countering the aftermath of a traumatic injury with live performance, digital media, naked truth, and a biting critique of lack of representation in everyday social structures, media, and the arts.

Not Just Another Pretty Face: Perry laughs us through her vibrant retrospective of 30+ years of social criticism and political satire-- from Marilyn Monroe through a few Gulf Wars, High Fashion, Erotica, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mapplethorpe’s naked men and Censorship.
In an evening that is part roller coaster ride, part demolition derby, Perry’s performance embodies US American cultural history from 1981 to the present, laughing all the way. Perry shows documentation video clips from past work to introduce live performance pieces. The work is provocative and remarkably relevant.

Bizarre and Brainy- The Village Voice
The OTHER America- Hamburg Morgenpost
A master at the peak of perfection- Cologne Anzeiger
A cross between Doris Day and a high-velocity rifle- The Independent

You can see a short video trailer of Not Just Another Pretty Face here:

Being Derrida: Who’s afraid of Jacques Derrida? Performance artist Janice Perry as you’ve
never seen her before—in a video “dialogue” with the father of Deconstructionist philosophy. Perry’s artist talk/installation crosses disciplines with an intimate, interactive, multi-media portrait of the creative process that goes beyond “Performance” and deconstructs Deconstruction itself— with intelligence, humor and charm. Being Derrida was a semi- finalist for the National Portrait Gallery/ Smithsonian Institution’s 2009 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition.

Takes you to a space beyond thinking - Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin

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I Have Worked With

  • June 2016

    Performances at Christopher Street Days Festival: Not Just Another Pretty Face.

  • December 2015

    Naked at the Met. Conway Hall, London.

  • December 2015

    Workshops with Masters students and Performance : Not Just Another Pretty Face. Middlesex University Dept of Drama.



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Performance Artist
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3133 Hawkins Road
Ferrisburg, VT 05456
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Theater - Solo / One-Person Show
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Vermont Arts Endowment Fund 2015
Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts Creation Grant 2014
2009. Semi-finalist: “Being Derrida” installation. Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian Institution. Washington, DC.
2001-2006. Fulbright Senior Specialist: 3 grants. Fulbright Professor, Goethe University, Frankfurt, and Uni Wuerzburg,
Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. 10 grants 1984-2009 x

Accessibility of Services

Happy to work with interpreters for Deaf/hard-of-hearing. Pre-show talk with blind, vision challenged.

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LCD projector, screen and audio. Mic on stand. Basic warm lighting wash with ability to create a special, or spot.
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