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George Koumantzelis

AEOLIAN MUSIC WORKS is an independent, Massachusetts-based, local record company and small music label that specializes in releasing original music by unsigned local artists and musicians who record their music at AEOLIA RECORDING STUDIO, founded in 1991 by George Nicholas Koumantzelis, a drummer, singer-songwriter, recording engineer, and music producer. AEOLIAN MUSIC WORKS is primarily interested in releasing music that is different than mainstream music, that is original and off-beat in style, and that is unique and cutting-edge in approach. All of the artists and bands associated with and whose music is released by AEOLIAN MUSIC WORKS either record their music at AEOLIA RECORDING STUDIO or have the creative energies of George Koumantzelis in some way involved in the making of the music, either as recording engineer, producer, player in the band, and / or part composer of the musical piece that was recorded and released on the record label. This music is not for everyone. But if you love adventurous, free-form, experimental, and improvisational music that knows no musical bounds, then this music is for you! ... "The Muse knows who loves her." - George Koumantzelis

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Musician / Drummer / Recording Engineer
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Lowell, MA 01853
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241 Remington Street
Lowell, MA 01852
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Music - Pop / Rock
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