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            Everyone has dreams they wish to attain in their lifetime.  From the time I was a child I knew I was an artist.  From the time I was a teenager I knew I wanted to teach.  Sometimes the roads you choose in life delay the accomplishment of your dreams.  I finally came to the realization that my dreams were not going to change and that my passion for teaching and love for the arts was something that I needed to make a priority.  I returned to school recently and have completed my studies to help me reach my goal.  I graduated in May of 2013 from Plymouth State University with my BS in Art Education.  I am now prepared, enthusiastic and hopeful to find a place to teach art within the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

            As an artist, I tend to shy away from claiming a specific medium as a label.  I prefer to call myself an interdisciplinary visual artist.  I enjoy sculpture, painting drawing and printmaking.  I work in which ever medium best suits my vision at the time.  My work is highly experimental.  I enjoy the exploration that can happen by choosing a medium and pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally practiced within it.  For example, I rarely use paint brushes when I create a painting.  I find that I get much more interesting results from what ever object I find in the nearest drawer to apply the paint. 

            As a child or "product" of the 70's and 80's, I feel very connected to that time and that connection is demonstrated in my work. My inspiration is born out of nostalgia. My work is often a method to communicate the fondness of a childhood that seems to be lost on today's youth. As I work on a piece, I feel unlimited possibility; If I can IMAGINE it, it can be.

            As an educator, I believe art is all around us. We are surrounded by art as part of our culture and it plays a huge role in almost all aspects of our everyday lives through architecture, fashion, design, media, and advertising. Providing quality art education to our youth is something that should not only be valued but encouraged in all levels of a child's educational experience. As we provide children with education that foster's creativity, we are preparing children for future success.

            The experiences children undergo throughout their education can provide opportunities for all aspects of individual growth and development. It is imperative that children are provided ample opportunity for the cultivation of their creative ability as part of a rich and nurturing education. As children are allowed to engage in the creative process that takes place through art making, they develop valuable skills that will prepare them for success in all aspects of their education and their life experiences. The process of art making is as beneficial as the finished art work because as children create art they are cultivating problem solving skills, critical thinking and self confidence. These skills will prepare them to be well rounded individuals who can find creative solutions in all areas of life as they will know how to think outside the box. These are the marketable skills that will prepare our children to be successful adults that contribute to society.




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Interdisciplinary Visual Artist
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62 Beech Street
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Visual/Crafts - Experimental
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