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Drone Dolores Collaborative

The Drone Dolores Collaborative is a mixed-media performance project. The collaborative, incorporated in 2019, combines the creative forces of Angel and Tracy Jonsson-Laboy. Tracy is a muscian (Drone Dolores), performer, maker/ designer, and architectural historian. Angel is a computer developer, digital-media designer, gamer, musician and digital/new media artist. Together they create projects and performances that incorporate electronics, original music, coding, poetery, story-telling, videography, virtual moving graphics, and sound-scaping to create new-media experiences that tend to focus on race-relations, gender-politics, power/pacifism relationships, and topics within phsychology and philosophy.

More about Tracy Jonsson-Laboy [she/hers]

Tracy is an extroverted jack-of-all-trades who likes to think of her creativity as a "ground score:" a gift from out of nowhere that constantly beckons the creation of projects, items, crafts and artistic pursuits. Channeling a bright positivity, Tracy often initiates a project idea and guides the visualization of process, time-line and outcome that is filled out with a feeling-pursuit for voice, meaning, and message with her collaborator. Tracy is a people-person obsessed with the influence of beauty in everyday life, and enjoys thinking of the influence of nationalism, culture, identity, race and gender. Her relationship to artmaking is fueled by a love for analysis, volunerability, mysticism and community-making. She is moved to creating experiences that question and unite, with a pursuite to live close to the root of human connection and all her works. Tracy is a POC pantheist with a background in planning and historic preservation (M.S. Historic Preservation, B.S. Historic Preservation, minor in Art History and Anthropology, Roger Williams University).


More about Angel Jonsson-Laboy [them/theirs]

Angel's approach to creativity is deeply rooted and stabalized by a focus on his emotional motivations for engaging with a piece or process. Frequently pegged as a shy IT- white-guy, Angel is to the contrary a deep-thinker and analyst who will explore issues of race, class, digital-equity, animal-rights, and social justice issues with the flourish of a philosopher and a scientific dedication to truth-finding. Identifying as POC, being a mut of Puerto Rican heritage, and as non-binary, Angel brings a deep sensitivity to the Drone Dolores Collaborative. Experimenting with all aspects of the Collaboratives creative projects, from digital rendering, video-filming and editing, music production, back-end infrastructure and digital visualization for virutal projects, to performing as an actor on-stage and on camera, Angel provides emotional tension and exploration in everything they touch. They are formally educated in nursing and computer science (B.S. Software Engineering with minor in Game Development, Westwood University).

I Have Worked With

  • September 2020

    "Emergence Tape" a videography project launching fall 2020. The Drone Dolores Collaborative participates in its first movie festival! The "Emergence Tape" project explores Covid-times anxieties about a dystopian future, writing a history seen from the mid 21st Century. The Drone Dolores Collaborative was invited to participate in this project by Retina Creative Studios.

  • August 2020

    "New Noise, Old Space" at "Trayectos/Journeys" at Decameron, Providence was a piece included in a socially distant selection of performances about journeys, migration, and magical realism, by a line up of Latinx Artists in RI. Drone Dolores Collaborative created a piece titled "New Noise, Old Space" performed at the Stage Two, East of the Decameron complex on August 22nd, 2020.

    "New Noise, Old Space" explored the subliminal and unconsious biases absorbed through main-stream media consumption, with a focus on 1950's-1980s television sitcoms. A quick journey through eighteen American sit-coms (brought into the project by way of a sound-journey through their theme-songs) was elaborated on by transposed moving graphical art commentary on a staged computer screen and a performance piece written, directed, and performed by the members of the Drone Dolores Collaborative. The piece's name speaks to the use of electrified fruits programmed to sampled noice triggered with physical contact to emit disruption into the racist, sexist, and power dynamic communicated in the curated sound, sight, and visualization of the project, which a hope of audience trans and participation in questinoing the divergent feelings of nostalgia, discomfort, and subliminal messaging interpretation. We are what we eat, so to speak.

    The stage was produced by The Wilbury Theatre Group and WaterFire Providence. It was hosted Waterfire Arts Centers, 475 Valley Street, Providence, RI coordinated by ALNE-Arte Latino of New England, and curated by Shey Rivera Rios, Saúl Ramos Espola and Maritza Martell


  • March 2020

    The Bird-Headed Girl Who Met the World is a debut video-project by the Drone Dolores Collaborative created for the third Luna Loba performance, originally scheduled for showing at the Wilbury Theater in Providence, RI in April 2020 and canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

    The Drone Dolores Collaborative, consisting of Tracy Jonsson and Angel Laboy, an engaged artist couple, was made with original music, videography, and story telling generated equally between the two creators while in quarantine.

    The project was funded by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

    Learn more about the Luna Loba project at the Wilbury Group Theater:


    Full program recorded here.

    “Featuring 12 artists across mediums and identifies, Luna Loba is the long-running performance series curated by Shey Rivera Ríos that creates space to explore ritual through artistic practice. Performance art, video, spoken word/readings, sound/music, and performative installation are all on the table.

    LUNA LOBA: SHADOWS & LIBERATION ARTISTS Joel Rosario Tapia Drone Dolores Liz Oakley Carol Scavotto April Brown Kei Soares Cobb Laurie Amat Saúl Ramos Espola Aura Moreno Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie Shaffany Terrell Roz Raskin statement of intention: LUNA LOBA is an performance/interdisciplinary series that creates space to explore ritual through artistic practice. Luna Loba is a space for ritual and performance. What are your rituals? Are they passed down to you, are they new ones you create? Pieces you put together? Luna Loba uses the moon as a guide (referencing the farmer's almanac) for inspiration to connect us to land and water, the ecosystems around us. These systems of nature and nurture replenish our spirits and ground our journeys. Through performance, we harness that energy and place into existence the intentions that we set for ourselves. We seize this moment to slow down time, regenerate, and reflect upon our recurring transformations as people and as artists. We turn our energy into creative work that can catalyze, materialize, inspire. Within this creative circle, we claim space and stand in our strength as artists.”

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