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Diane Louise Paul

Diane Louise Paul is a self- taught leather artisan she creates beautiful, long-lasting handcrafted leather items that become valued treasures. She makes each item by hand, cutting, stitching, and finishing the leather with the same tools and techniques used over a hundred years ago. Her shop is not a production studio but rather a small Eco Friendly working shop where she is both the designer and builder. Her style is very tradition, she mainly dose pre-civil war heritage crafts. She does it the same way they used to do it in the 17th and 18th century. She works by hand with antique tools, without patterns, hand-cut the leather so that no two pieces are the same. It is a very ancient craft, and it takes her a long time, just as it took our ancestors a long time. Diane enjoys working with leather because of its warmth, beauty, and unique markings and variations. Every item she makes is crafted by her hands only. She starts with top quality Eco Friendly leather; she works with the prime section of the hide, cutting the leather in the direction that provides maximum durability and strength. Using an antique stitching horse, she hand stitches each item with two needles. This process takes time, but it ensures a lasting and durable product. Her stitching is done with a stitch call locked saddler’s stitch. “Every stitch is knotted one at a time” The locked stitch is pull so tight that it’s almost impossible to remove it. She uses English bridle leather from one of the oldest leather company in England then she polishes and finishes each item using beeswax and other natural products. Paul has lived on the seacoast for over 50 years. She is a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen she is one of the craftsmen featured in the 75th Anniversary documentary about the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, "A League of Our Own." all so a member the Seacoast Growers' Association “farmers' market”. In her free time she trains horses and goes antiquing in search of antique sleigh bells and leather tools. Diane is fascinated by the history and longevity of antique items. She is proud of her background and family heritage. A Mayflower descendant “Thomas Rogers” she is a member of the national societies of the Daughters of the American Revolution “Ranger chapter” of Portsmouth NH and the Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America. Her leather crafts epitomize her desire to create her own legacy as she had been featured on WMUR's New Hampshire Chronicle and also featured on Cross Roads. Diane’s pre-civil war heritage crafts also been Featured many of times in Early American Life magazine. Her mastery of the craft, heritage techniques and workmanship has earned her a spot as one of the Top Traditional Craftspersons 16 years in a row,for creating pre-Civil War museum - quality crafts, as judged by Early American Life magazine's panel of experts. Some of the Leather Items Diane made are Belts, Collars , Leashes, Sleigh Bells Straps, Repairs, All Strap Goods, Fire Buckets , Key Baskets, Cuffs, Custom Designer Work, Hiker bells , Bear bells, Stick Horses,

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Diane Louise
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Leather Artisan
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PO Box 1102
North Hampton, NH 03862-1102
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PO Box 1102
North Hampton, NH 03862
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Visual/Crafts - Leather
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Design - Fashion
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Artist (Individual)
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Multi-State Region

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State Jury Member League New Hampshire Craftsman
Member NHMade
Member Seacoastgrowers Association Farmer Market
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New Hampshire Traditional Arts Roster