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Dani Robbins


I find myself constantly developing performance work that is rooted in couple-ness—often via intimate relationships with my collaborators— that works to blur the line between self and other, or sometimes to illuminate difference through the reflective properties of relation. The quartet is my preferred form, one which I find rich with potential for shared experience and companionship. My personal dance practice, which often takes the form of sense and memory-based improvisational scores, exists in orientating to the events that I arrive at through relationship to another and the particular problems or politics of that coupling. It is through these relationships and the peculiarities of worlding alongside others that I am working, imperfectly, to listen to and interrogate this body that I have—its white violence, its ignorance, its queerness, its inheritances, its sensuality, its fears, and its needs.


Dani Robbins is a Maine-based dance/theater artist who holds a B.A. in contemporary performance from Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont. Before Bennington, they grew up dancing and acting in the Boston area as a member of Urbanity Dance Company and in the work of Jaclyn Waguespack. While completing their undergraduate studies at Bennington, they had the opportunity to work with the faculty and graduate students of the college, including Dana Reitz, Elena Demyanenko, Susan Sgorbati, Terry Creach, Rebecca Brooks, Stuart Shugg, Sam Wentz, and Yanan Yu. In 2017 and 2018 they were a Dance-Tech Artist in Residence at Lake Studios in Berlin, Germany where they self-produced their solo project, Self-Help. They have performed their collaborative works including American Parenting and Everybody Sings in Unison in Berlin and the U.S. and their most recent collaborative work with Zachary Taibi, Nothing Comes Again, premiered in Maine in October of 2019. During January and April of 2019, Dani was hosted as an artist in residence by Elena Demyanenko, and during summer of 2019 they shared a collaborative residency with Zoe Huey, hosted by Acadia National Park. They are currently working to be further engaged in an arts practice that interrogates issues of access and community through their work with ArtWaves MDI, and through their role as a choreographer/director for the Acadia Community Theater.

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