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Consenses is a vehicle for connection, understanding, and peace using art as a lens and a language through which to see ourselves, each other and our world more clearly, compassionately, and expansively. Consenses is an artistic game of "Telephone" using every medium of art as a language through which to grow a broader understanding of the world around us. We believe that the nuances of our individual experiences are lost when we use spoken word alone to express ourselves and that more can be revealed working together than fighting for the validity of our singular and limited beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers here, just different angles of perspective on a greater Truth.

How It Works:

For the past three years, Consenses' Founder Sally Taylor, has engaged artists from around the world, of every medium and genre, and brought them together by asking them to interpret one another's artwork in the vein of a game of "Telephone" and express it in their own medium. For example: a musician interprets a photograph, a dancer interprets their song, a painter interprets the dance, a perfumer interprets the painting, a poet interprets the perfume and so on until all five senses are represented. In this process, each artist is given seven days to extract the essence of the artwork they are provided and use this work as the catalyst for their own creation, ultimately expressing their raw reactions in the language of their own medium. None of the artists are privy to the identities of the other participants. This process has formed what Sally has termed Interpretative Chains: a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing procession from one piece to the next; the revealing of a unique glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception.

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Immigrant Populations
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Artist (Individual)
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