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Caitlin Christiana

I'm an interdisciplinary artist pursuing a balanced life and invigorating career opportunties. I create ecclectic, unusual, fine metal jewelry. I love to incorporate symbolism and found objects, and toy with the line between form and function, exploring nontraditional approaches and unexpected materials. I think its important that jewelry be comfortable to wear, as well as attractive, and so I focus on creating designs that are flattering to the human form. I was a Sculpture Major at Pratt Institute of Art with a concentration in metalworking and jewelry design. I spent a summer as a Master Welder's apprentice, and then worked for several years as a full-time Goldsmith's apprentice, before starting my fine jewelry business, hozzlebozzle. 

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  • September 2007

    Deirdre is a phenomenal Master Goldsmith - her work is inspired by ancient Irish symbols at Newgrange and other historic sites of power. I worked as her full-time apprentice, fabricating handcrafted fine jewelry designs and managing the art gallery (Deirdre Donnelly Jewelry Art - in Quechee, VT) for several years.

  • Artist

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Goldsmith, Sculptor, Interdisciplinary Artist
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Springfield, VT 05156
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Visual/Crafts - Jewelry
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Media - Marketing / Advertising
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Artist (Individual)
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Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions)
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