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Anthony Marques

Anthony Marques is a cinematographer, content creator and story teller dedicated to telling stories with passion and authenticity. Anthony was born in Louisiana and was adopted at the age of three by a white family and moved to a dairy farm less than 20 miles from the Canadian border.  Growing up as a Black man in the whitest part of the whitest state, Anthony has experienced systemic and institutional racism at every turn. At this pivotal moment in our shared history, Anthony is committed to telling black stories from a black perspective.

Invisible will tell the stories of Black people who grew up or moved to Vermont and experienced firsthand being judged and pushed aside due to their skin color through a documentary film. In one of the whitest states in the nation, the lived experiences of people of color are too often denied and dismissed. As a result, Black lives are devalued and our entire community is diminished. Invisible will illuminate how implicit and explicit racial bias shape the day to day reality of people of color in our state and will challenge Vermonters to grapple with the true cost we all pay for systemic racism. My creative team is made up of Black artists, women, and queer people who understand first hand that all stories of trauma are also stories of resilience. We believe that amplifying Black voices and celebrating the strength and creativity of the Black community of Vermont are the most powerful tools we have to create change.

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