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Each summer my grandfather would paint the outside of his house; each winter he would paint the interior. As a child, I watched him, rhythmically and consistently painting the exterior of the house and then the interior. Though I was not aware of it then, the days spent watching him paint instilled within me a love and passion for the process of painting.


As an artist I have created complex 3-dimensional objects and heavily textured 2-dimensional surfaces for painting on and into. These series include Curtains, Chairs, Lamps, Improvised Clothing, as well as non-objective images.


My interest in the worlds of fashion and glamour stems from a collaboration with a fashion designer, Billy Falcon, in 1980 while living in Chicago. I find high-end fashion, Alexander McQueen for example, inspirational and informative. I have since created numerous series of drawings and three-dimensional work based on my fascination with the fashion industry.

With the series ‘COLORED DRESSES’ I am now fabricating fantasy ‘dress/outfits’. The ‘dresses’ are then sewn to paper that has been heavily painted and collaged with images and fabrics. Paint and the application of images and fabric are then continually applied to the work.

After creating and living with these painting for a year I fantasized  that they could have been garments lost in a flood or other disasters. These garments could have been found, cleaned and displayed.


I recently read an article about a family who suffered in the Hurricane Sandy flood. The wife’s wedding dress was lost in the flood, six months later someone found, cleaned and returned it to her. 


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