Compelling images are an important part of any online representation of your work and/or your organization. There are two places on your CreativeGround profile where you can upload images. The first is the profile image, which is the main photo on your profile and will be displayed alongside your profile name in search results. This photo can be no larger than 1MB and it is recommended that it be 325x250 pixels in size. The second place you can upload photos is to your media gallery. These images can be any dimension but can also be no larger than 1MB.

If your images need to be adjusted to fit these criteria, editing photos can be very simple.  If you do not have photo editing software on your computer, is a great website with a free service that walks you through the step-by-step process for cropping and decreasing the size of your photo.

For photos in your media gallery, consider inserting small text at the corner of your photo crediting the photographer. If this is not available, enter text such as "Not for Reproduction." Entering text on an image can also be done on

Feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance or have additional tips to add to this FAQ.