On the surface, the three CreativeGround profile types (Artist, Creative Business, and Cultural Nonprofit) are self-explanatory. However, some select users like artist companies or town arts committees, may have difficulty determining to which category they belong. Indeed, there is some inevitable overlap between these distinctions, because artists are, of course, also creative businesses. Generally, you may apply the following rules:

  • The Artist profile type encompasses individual artists and artist companies/groups.
  • The Creative Business profile type encompasses more traditional commerical entitities that sell services or products (and are typically incorporated)
  • The Cultural Nonprofit profile type encompasses nonprofits, colleges, and government agencies(or organizations embedded within an agency or school). The entity represented by this profile type does not need to be a nonprofit, but should be a cultural organization.

It is important to note that profile type is only a top-level categorization and additional distinctions can be drawn according to the Legal Status and Institution/Business Type of a profile.