Artists and organizations who do public art can display ‘Public Art Projects’ as an activity on their CreativeGround profile by selecting it from the list of ‘Activities and Services.’ Likewise, CreativeGround users can search for artists and organizations that do public art by selecting ‘Public Art Projects’ from ‘Activities and Services’ in the Enhanced Options of Search.

Public art is as varied and diverse as the artists who create it and the communities that engage with it. It is often a site-specific experience that is accessible to the public and created by professional artist(s) in collaboration with a community. Public art can be permanent or temporary. It can be in a rural neighborhood or on an urban university campus. It can be a performance or installation. Public art can be a historic memorial or a contemporary mosaic. It can make music or a political statement. For more information on how NEFA supports public art projects, read about our Public Art programs, Public Art Learning Fund, and Fund for the Arts Grant.