The "Activities and Services" fields on your profile allow you to select the activities and services you perform, produce, render, or otherwise make available. When you include a selection on your profile, you should have real-life examples of how you have provided such a service. We understand creatives wear many hats and may willingly jump into new practices, but this section is to highlight that which you currently do, not what you are capable of doing.

NOTE: because CreativeGround encompasses a wide range of institution/business types, how a particular activity or service might be rendered can vary from profile to profile. For example, a higher education institution might offer the service "Residency - School" which will differ significantly in deliverables from a visual artist that offers that same service of "Residency - School." Below, you will find some clarifying information around certain activities and services included on CreativeGround. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email so that we can ensure that your "Activity and Service" selections actually represent what you do on your CreativeGround profile.

Select Activites and Services defintions*:

  • Artist Market: You organize or host an artist market event OR are an artist that presents your work at an artist marketplace.

  • Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism: Creative Activism when you make and/or disseminate creative work that addresses, depicts, or reflects a particular social problem or issue. Arts for Social Change pertains to when you are engaging in work that aims to produce a qualitative shift in society's attitudes, policies, and laws with regard to particular values (equality, justice, diversity, tolerance) and issues (immigration, climate change, gun violence, racial or economic justice).

  • Arts in Healthcare: You create or administer arts programming aimed to transform the health and healthcare experience.

  • Community Arts: You organize or create art that engages a specific community in dialogue around topics relevant to that particular community.

  • Manufacturing / Fabrication: You implement designs in the real-life production of an object, set, building, etc.

  • Performance / Concert / Reading: You offer a (public or private) showing of art of any discipline.

  • Portfolio Review: You offer creatives and arts organizations feedback on their portfolio of work.

  • Preservation / Conservation: You restore, repair and/or protect artwork for continuous future enjoyment.

  • Public Art Projects (In Free, Public Spaces): You design, make, or organize the creation of a piece of art in any medium that is presented in a free, public space for all to enjoy.

  • Residency - You either participate in or organize the participation of others in a creative retreat with dedicated time, space, and resources to engage in an artistic process...

    • Community: ...inspired by a particular community's needs and dialogues

    •  In School: ... designed in a collaborative effort with school system adminstrators, teachers, students, etc.

    • Production / Development: ... with the aim of creating and/or exploring an artistic project to share.

    • Other: with regards to anything not represented by the above categories.

  • Theater Technical Production: You design technical theater elements including but not limited to: lighting design and hanging, sound design and rigging, the building of sets and/or props, etc.

  • Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class: You offer or organize the presentation of a creative experience with an educational lens generally pertaining to a creative practice (ex. how to blow glass).

*The list of Activities and Services on CreativeGround is far from exhaustive. Please contact us if you have suggestions, and especially if you feel that the current offerings do not accurately reflect the work you are doing.