Creative Businesses

Creative Businesses are institutions such as advertising agencies, architecture firms, recording studios, and cinemas. CreativeGround is a free tool for New England businesses of all kinds to do the following:

  • Promote your businesses' services to an audience of arts and non-arts businesses and individuals looking to learn more about your services and how to utilize them
  • Use the 'Search' and 'Explore' pages to find talented individuals specializing in particular disciplines for projects or employment at your business
  • Find potential collaborators for program development, cross promotion, and other projects to strengthen your business
  • Invite cross-sector partnerships by making your business visible to a broad regional audience including planners, developers, and government agencies
  • If applicable, advertise your organization's space with details about the rental fees, audience capacity, accessible features, and more
  • Creative businesses are an important part of the creative economy. Get counted as a member of your local creative community for regional research and advocacy 

Ready to get listed?

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Tips and Tricks

  • Fill out the 'Activites and Services' section of the profile fully to ensure users understand who you are and what you do
  • No business works alone - list your partners in the 'I Have Worked With' section
  • Think about what specific keywords someone might use to search for your business and be sure to include those keywords in your 'Description of Work and Background' section
  • If you have a venue to rent, fill out the 'Venue for Rent/Use' section with fees, features, and other important information
  • Highlight the accessibility features for both your services and your venue space in the 'Accessibility of Services' and the 'Venue Available for Rent/Use' section of the profile

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